Humanities And Social Science
Group: Literature, History and Philosophy
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General Education Center (GEC) is dedicated to the cultivation of students' sound bodies and minds. Specifically, it aims at developing students’ (a) basic and applied language abilities, (b) fundamental knowledge in humanities, arts, social sciences, and natural sciences, as well as concerns about social issues and methods of inquiry, and (c) various thinking abilities, such as problem-solving, critical, imaginative and creative abilities.

GEC offers courses in two categories, which are further divided into three fields, respectively. The first category is common courses, including core subject, linguistic and physical fields. The second consists of the other three fields: humanities and arts, social sciences, mathematics and natural sciences.




Common Courses

1. Core subjects: WuFeng lectures, labor and community service.

2. Linguistic field: Chinese, English.

3. Physical field: physical education


General Courses

1. Humanities and arts: There are 30 courses in this field, such as literature, philosophy, history, arts, etc.

2. Social Sciences: This field includes 29 subjects, such as politics, economics, management, sociology, psychology, anthropology, law, education, etc.

3. Math & Natural Sciences: This field embraces 15 subjects, such as math, physics, chemistry, life science, etc.

The teaching team of GEC is comprised of 19 fulltime teachers, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, and 12 lecturers.

GEC owns two well-equipped audio-visual classrooms and one musical and fine arts classroom presently. GEC not only budgets considerable money on the renewal and maintenance of these facilities but also strives for special funds from the Ministry of Education in order to upgrade advanced facilities for instruction and research. In addition, GEC also maintains its efforts to enrich the stock of professional journals and books; additionally, to purchase notebooks as well as a variety of audio-visual software and hardware to closely support teaching and researching in every possible capacity.




2.Emphasis of research
(1)The way of thinking
(2)Integration of knowledge
(3)Humanist caring
(4)Aesthetics sentiment
(5)Exploration of life
OCT 5, 2010


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